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You can consider the LMS software application as your virtual training department. You can use the LMS software application comprehensively to deliver, manage, and track your employee or any learner’s training. As a training manager for an LMS, it is easy to plan and manage your training programs with ease from anywhere.

Let’s take a look at how the LMS works in 3 brief steps:

  1. You need to register the trainees/students on the LMS and this can be done with a file upload containing names and email addresses for registration.
  2. You then assign required courses to either individual learners or to multiple groups.
  3. You can view reports and track the learners progress up to course completion


Sounds simple, doesn’t it? However, there is much more to an LMS than just this since it is a digital learning ecosystem in itself.


Let’s now take a detailed look into some of the aspects of an LMS.


Registration: Your learners need to be registered in the LMS so they can avail required courses. This may or may not require course fee payments to be made. Once your learners are registered, they will be given their login credentials which will entitle them to their subscribed courses.


An LMS automates many of the communication and registration activities. Once registered, the LMS will send out automated welcome emails with login instructions to your registered learners automatically.


Enrollment: Your training manager can take over the enrollment process. It is assigning selected users for a particular training program through the LMS. The training may be online or led by instructors. Some interesting enrollment features include the following: